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We offer many different Knuckle Boom cranes by: PM, Cormach, Palfinger, Prentice, Hiab, IMT, Atlas, Amco Veba, Heila, Jabco, Fassi and Manitowoc to name a few. Whatever type of Knuckle Boom crane you need we can locate it, new or used, delivered anywhere.

The versatile knuckle boom crane is used today for just about every job. A Knuckleboom cranes major benefit is that you get increased control over the load when placing it in hard to reach locations or on a moving platform like a ship or barge. Precision load placement with ease of control.

The Knuckle Boom crane is built as a normal crane, with the exception of the boom, which is hinged at the middle, creating a knuckle. The knuckle Boom crane folds like a pocket knife and stores easily in small spaces. The crane looks like a finger. A hydraulic cylinder makes it possible to extend the crane so that it looks like a regular boom crane, but its benefit comes when the knuckle boom is folded. In the folded position it is much closer to the truck or vessel's deck, and therefore you have much less distance from the crane tip to the load you are lifting. This leads to less motion in the load, and therefore more control. Some knuckle boom cranes drop the wire altogether, relying on the increased maneuverability to pick up objects and drop them in a precise location.

Knuckle boom Crane, There are two major benefits of knuckleboom cranes: (1) Their ability to easily load and unload materials, even when the work site is full of obstacles, and (2) Their ability to stow within themselves, freeing up payload space for additional materials. Top seat, ground or remote control, the knuckleboom crane can do the job and clean up the mess afterwards too. 

The KnuckleBoom crane is also used as a: barge crane, ship crane, platform crane, boat crane, delivered anywhere on the planet at wholesale prices. KnuckleBoom Marine cranes, barge cranes, ship cranes, platform cranes, boat cranes delivered anywhere on the planet at wholesale prices. Email us today for a quote on your new or used Knuckleboom crane. 

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